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Shine Bright aims to motivate elementary students to build a positive and personal connection with learning through supporting students in the development of their foundational skills.

Mission in Action

High school volunteers lead students through 90 minutes of supported learning! Students take part in one-on-one goal setting with volunteers, engage in structured games and activities around the foundational skill of the week, and reflect on how to apply their in-club learning to their own lives!

Foundational Skills?!

At Shine Bright, we believe there are many skills students can acquire and develop that support effective learning. We focus on supporting students in the development of several core skills. These include:

Homework and Prioritization

Why is homework important and why should I do it? How can I manage my time in a way that works for me?

asking/answering questions

Why should I ask questions when Iand answer questions when I know the answer?


What does focus mean? What strategies can help me to focus and which strategies work best for me?

Leadership and teamwork

Where am I currently as a leader and team player and what can I do to improve? What strategies will help me to do both?

Goal Setting

When do I already unintentionally use goal setting in my life? How can intentional goal setting be helpful to me? How do I set a goal?


What does it mean to show respect for others and myself? When and where am I successful in being respectful and where/when could I improve?


What is the difference between proactivity and reactivity? How can I apply proactivity to my own life?

positive self-talk

What is positive and negative self talk and how do each affect my thoughts/action? How can I apply positive self talk in my life?


Why am I worthy and capable of doing great things?

Where does the magic happen?

Shine Bright is rooted in the Highline School District in King County. High school student volunteers are recruited from Raisbeck Aviation, Evergreen, Highline, and Mount Rainier High Schools. The program is housed at these partner elementary schools:

Hazel Valley

402 SW 132nd St, Burien, WA 98146

Southern Heights

11249 14th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98168


611 S 132nd St, Burien, WA 98168


19800 Marine View Dr SW Normandy Park, WA

Gregory Heights

16201 16th Ave SW, Burien, WA 98166


10811 12th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98146


2104 S 247th St, Des Moines, WA 98198


“Teachers always talk about finding community service that you love to do – finding something that you can dedicate your time too. I never would have thought I would find my inspiration in a small group of kids.” - Geneva Rossman, Senior at Aviation High School
  • Shine Bright imparts the power of volunteerism and strong leadership skills to high school students, developing their passion for creating a positive, social change in a useful, constructive way. The program also provides students the opportunity to tackle real life problems, gain responsibility and bond with a younger age-group that lead to future job clarity. Shine Bright is a chance for high school students to become an active member of their community, impacting lives while developing their own. If you are interested in volunteering please scroll down and send us a message!

  • Core Volunteers are highly experienced past volunteers who have a passion for education and working with children; in most cases, they have worked as a volunteer for at least a year. They teach the central lessons each week, set up and clean up, and oversee small group activity. Shine Bright aspires to placing students who are committed, highly reliable, organized, and practice strong leadership in the Core Leader position.

  • Shine Bright volunteers who work directly with the students, help the core leader in the main lesson, lead group discussions and meet with students individually during goal setting. Volunteers must enjoy working with children, radiate positive attitudes and initiative. They practice kindness, compassion and patience at all times—they act as role models for the elementary students.

  • To ensure the safety of Shine Bright students an adult volunteer must be in the Shine Bright classroom at all times as many high school student volunteers are under 18. As a result, parents and community members are recruited and warmly welcomed to take on the "supervisor" position. While not involved in leading the club, these adult volunteers are highly valuable... without them our organization could not be student run!

Dream TEAM


Emma Hart

Lauren Engelstad
Director, Southern Heights, Parkside, Mountview and Gregory Heights Program Manager

Carly Johnson
Co-Director & Location Manager of Marvista, Cedarhurst and Hazel Valley

Nathalie Paradise
Director in Training, Parkside Core Leader

Kent Vo
Director of Finance
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